Manufacturing a safe and hygienic future through global solutions.

At Kuloday, we are focused on investing in proven European and American technologies to craft innovative products that can help create a safer and more hygienic future. We are always looking to innovate our manufacturing process for creating a world that's secured with the promise of sustainable, non-polluting plastics.

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Kuloday aims to be South Asia's largest Polyethylene film and sheet suppliers. We aspire to become a billion-dollar enterprise by the end of the next decade. We strive hard to build a team of expert professionals in sales & operations and aim to have a strong trading relationship with most of the countries around the globe.


Our success is a journey of creating a robust bond involving People, Products, Processes, and Partnerships. We work each day to make this bond special, stronger, and sustainable.

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Over the years, our team has developed brands and products that deliver endurance, trust, and quality. Our product range, across each brand, offers wide applications in the industry. We also export raw materials for industrial use.

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