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Green Packaging Solutions

Kuloday drives forward the research and development of sustainable product solutions in a targeted manner. The company has been a pioneer in the field of “green packaging solutions” for many years and offers the most extensive range of environmentally friendly packaging.

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Our range encompasses
  • Second life plastics(recycled plastics)We are undergoing certification for SCS California to have certified minimum PCR content
  • Super tough virgin blends offering downguaged solutions,40% less material than the standard solutions
  • Compostable bags - We hold various certifications like: Seedling logo certification for European market, TUV OK Compost, ISO 17088, CPCB INDIA validation. We are undergoing the process of certification for selling Compostable in North American and Japanese countries

Environmentally friendly packaging

  • Pioneering role
  • Recycled plastics
  • Renewable raw materials

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Over the years, our team has developed brands and products that deliver endurance, trust, and quality. Our product range, across each brand, offers wide applications in the industry. We also export raw materials for industrial use.

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