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Stretch Hood

We manufacture high performance stretch hood film used in major European Machines and supplied in petrochemical, beverages & paint industry.

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Project Test Method Indicators
Specification 1200*M750*0.12 mm
Tensile at break ( TD ) ASTM 1922 › 30 MPa
Tensile at break ( MD ) ASTM 1922 ›28 Mpa
Elongation at break(TD ) ASTM 1922 › 700%
Elongation at break( MD ) A TM 1922 › 650%
Secant modules IS0 527-3 ‹ 120 Mpa
Dart-drop cB/T 9639 > 980g
COF ASTM D 1894 0.26-0.40
Anti-UV 270 KLY


  • Excellent sealing, shrinkage & elasticity. Maximizes product protection.
  • Ideal product protection against tampering and pilferage. Allows packaging of various sizes and shapes.
  • Automatic profile control for precise thickness latest double cooling ring blown film extrusion. Using german technology for higher mechanicals.
  • Super tough blends used for different applications. Hazy colored and high clarify shrink films available.

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